Energy Ethics 2020 Symposium

Event Postponed Until November

How can we best balance our need for energy with our concern for climate change? Is there room for morality in energy markets?  What energy futures do we envision and how do we get there?

Global energy demand continues to rise. To meet this demand energy producers are increasingly relying on innovative methods of harvesting energy from fossil fuels, nuclear and renewable sources. At the same time, public concern about the impact of anthropogenic climate change is growing, alongside tense conflicts over the human and environmental impact of energy production, distribution, consumption and waste-handling. This energy predicament raises fundamental questions about what we consider to be right or good, and the kinds of energy futures we envision for ourselves, our communities, and future generations around the world.

It is our pleasure to invite you to Energy Ethics 2020. This two-day event will address these issues by bringing together artists, industry representatives, politicians, scholars and members of the ERC-funded Energy Ethics team, led by Dr Mette High in the Department of Social Anthropology at University of St Andrews.

What you can look forward to at Energy Ethics 2020 :

9th – 13th November – Energy Ethics 2020 Symposium (Online)

  1. Presentations by members the Energy Ethics Team on their ethnographic work at field sites around the world.
  2. The International Energy Industry Panel will provide the opportunity to hear perspectives from industry leaders on energy industry challenges, opportunities, and the road ahead.
  3. Networking opportunities – meet and discuss with participants, presenters and special guests to widen your networks and horizons.

More details to follow shortly


The Art of Energy, the Byre Theatre – postponed until January

  1. The Art of Energy Competition will showcase artists’ creative conceptualisations of our climate-energy predicament and visions of life with energy.
  2. The Arts and Energy Reception
  3. Documentary screening of the “End of an Era?” with Q&A with the film maker.

More details to follow shortly


We look forward to seeing you at Energy Ethics 2020 – a fantastic opportunity for conversation, reflection and the exchange of ideas between industry, policy, academia and the arts.

For further details, please contact the organisers Anna Rauter and Dr Sean Field at [email protected].


All questions and enquiries about the Energy Ethics 2020 symposium and the Art of Energy competition should be directed to Anna Rauter and Dr Sean Field at [email protected].

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